Capability of out-licensing business
  •  Management team with multinational company experience and business success experience
  •  Four overseas, two domestic licensing experience

    - Network for out-license with overseas pharmaceutical companies
    -  Negotiation skills and experience
    -  Signed contract for support of licensed international lawyer and consulting firm

  Securing R & D pipeline with global competitiveness
  •  Pipeline for new drug development: TRPV1 antagonist for neuropathic pain analgesics, TRPV1 agonist for topical pain treatment, Alzheimer's disease modifying drug, early diagnosis kit for Alzheimer's disease, etc.
  •  Several number of candidates for each pipeline
    -  Alzheimer's disease modifying drug: securing four candidate substances
    -  TRPV1 antagonist for neuropathic pain: securing various compound analogues, numerous patent applications
    -  TRPV1 agonist for topical pain treatment: securing various compound analogues, numerous patent applications

Joint research with Quantamatrix for Development of AD Early Diagnosis Kit
Joint research with NIH for topical application of neuropathic pain treatment
Out-license and co-development deal with Roche for Alzheimer's disease treatment
(RAGE modulator)
Joint research and development with Daewoong Pharmaceutical for Alzheimer's disease drug
(Αβ oligomerization inhibitor)
Acute & Chronic Severe Pain Reliever out-licensed to Grünenthal
Non-narcotic strong analgesics out-licensed to Grünenthal